Why King James Version of the Bible?

I always thought there was no significant difference between the bible translations except for they were all easier to read than the King James Version. In fact, my opinion even goes beyond that. I was raised Roman Catholic and was taught not to read the King James Bible because it was the Protestant Bible. When my mom was in Catholic school, the nuns told her it was a sin to read the KJV.

The main thing as Christians that we should be concerned about is if we are getting the word of God or not. Below are two short but informative videos about why the King James Bible is the bible to read. The first video is from Dr. Kent Hovind. He lays out the reason for the KJV and shows differences in verse between the KJV and other translations. The other video is from Chick.com. If you visit their site, the have several videos about the subject.

Here at The Prophecy Brothers.com we carry a waterproof bible that is great for preppers and campers. We decided to sell the KJV only.



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