We Hit the Big Time: We Were on Soaring Eagle Radio

Our friend Dr. Mike Spaulding from SoaringEagleRadio.com was nice enough to let us appear on his show. Thanks also to our friend Steven Menking from The Amateur Society for converting to Youtube and posting on his site as well. Steven was also a guest on the Prophecy Brothers.

Brother Champion was unavailable the night we spoke, so Emily filled in.

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Here’s the show:

SER 107 – Brother Man & Emily – Understanding the Times in Which We Live

The land of the free and the home of the brave has of late become the land of the deceived, deluded, deranged, and deep state manipulated. Politics as usual or is there something else going on that has made strange connections between North Korea, Washington DC, the NFL, and the so-called Middle East immigrant crisis?

Stay tuned for my conversation with my friends Brother Man and Emily next here on Soaring Eagle Radio.

Thank you for tuning into this episode friends.

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