Using Jury Nullification for Small Victories Against the Coming Persecution

The bible tells us that there is coming persecution and tribulation for Christians. We have seen that already start with the government regulation of public prayer, Christmas celebrations and even business owners deciding whom they choose to do business. Some of the assault of Christians will be overtly anti-Christian like those just mentioned, while other methods will be not so apparent as in the case of Kent Hovind.

Christians, and really all Americans, need to know juries can not only judge the facts but also the law. If a juror acknowledges that a defendant has indeed broken the law, but that the law is unjust, the juror can vote not guilty.

Recently, a former pastor was charged with a felony about informing people about jury nullification and their rights as a juror. In this particular case, there is no indication that this had anything to do with the man being a Christian but does illustrate how much judges and prosecutors do not want an informed jury.

You can read about the case here and/or watch a clip with David Knight of Infowars. Also, checkout our download page for a free copy of the Citizens Rule Book that explains your right as a juror.


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