The Price of Liberty Is Never Free, But it Just Got Cheaper

This Black Friday Weekend, Liberty Classroom is having a massive discount. What is Liberty Classroom and why would you be interested?

  • Are you interested in history and economics from a pro-freedom perspective, but don’t know where to begin or which sources you can trust?
  • Do you wish you could defend yourself more effectively in discussions with friends, family, and colleagues?
  • Is your history teacher or professor giving you a biased version of history?
  • Do you read articles critical of the free society and wish you could answer them?
  • Are you tired of propaganda and eager for the truth?

Then Liberty Classroom is for you.

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Now you can learn real American and European history, as well as economics, from professors you can trust in an inexpensive online classroom that meets whenever you want it to.  Lectures are available in both video and audio format, and can be viewed or listened to on your computer or on your mobile device.  Discussion boards allow you to ask questions of faculty and discuss course content with fellow students.

What You Get

Members get access to all this:

  • a complete overview of U.S. history (the equivalent of two courses);
  • a history of Western civilization (also two courses);
  • a complete course in Austrian (free-market) economics;
  • a course on logic;
  • a course that systematically critiques a mainstream economics textbook from an Austrian, free-market perspective;
  • a course on the American Revolution;
  • a course in U.S. Constitutional history;
  • a course explaining, and then refuting, Keynesian economics;
  • a course on the history of political thought;
  • discussion forums, where you can ask us questions and interact with other members;
  • monthly live sessions with faculty;
  • additional courses to come

Disclosure: We are a Liberty Classroom affiliate and will receive commissions from Liberty Classroom on purchases made through our link.