The Alphabet Man: David Arthur

I usually know something about guests I contact for the show. I’ve either read one of their books, watched one of their videos, or listened to one of the their podcasts. There was some topic that attracted me to one of their media outlets.

David Arthur was different. The whole LGBT/trans thing was never a blip on my radar. To the extent it peaked my interest was related to how the politically correct movement is used to divide us and attack Christianity. I never had any curiosity how someone entered the lifestyle and movement. Like so many things, I did not know what I did not know. I’m sure I am not alone.

Pastor Mike Spaulding emailed me and suggested we have David on the show. I trust Mike Spaulding, so I said “OK”. I started the show in a jovial mood, even cracking a joke about not knowing the alphabet. As David told his story about trauma, abuse, drugs, life on the street, and near death my attitude changed. I had no idea what David endured. I originally was going to edit my intro out, but decided to keep it in.

Make sure to watch David’s amazing testimony.

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