Sgt. Tim from Outlaw Patriot News: Troops and Undeclared Wars

If you listen to the Hagmann Report, you’ve heard Sgt. Tim from Outlaw Patriot News as a guest.

I offended Sgt. Tim on Memorial Day because of a response to a Tweet that Tim was part of. Someone, not Tim, posted something to the effect : “Thank our troops for protecting our right to worship Jesus.” I replied something like “It’s the US Gov that is restricting our right to pray in schools, etc. The government uses our troops to destabilize the mid-east & Christians get beheaded.” Tim’s reply was something like “Not on Memorial Day. Show respect to the fallen soldiers.”

Tim told me he did agree with my statement, just not the way and the day I did it. My point was/is: When people and the government make statements like:

– The troops are over there keeping us safe.

– The troops are protecting our freedoms and the constitution. (Foreigners are not taxing us, restricting our gun rights, or placing restrictions on our speech and ability to worship.)

– My son fought in Iraq so your son could go to college. (Bumper sticker)

How then can we have a discussion about our undeclared wars and the warfare state without appearing to be anti-solider?

On the show, Tim and I discuss this topic. For personal reasons, shortly after this show was recorded, Sgt. Tim deleted Outlaw Patriot News and corresponding Twitter account.