PROPHETIC OUTLOOK FOR 2019-2026 WITH PASTOR MARK. GoFundMe for Mark’s wife.

Brother Champion and Pastor Mark team up to discuss what they believe is to come in the next several years. Pastor Mark also discusses his wife Lisa’s health, and asks for prayers and contributions so she will be healed.

Miss Lisa has a bleeding disorder and has to see a specialist at the Mayo Clinic. Her insurance will not cover the out of state doctors. Her treatment will take some time and she will likely have to spend most of it in Minnesota. She is a very special woman who helps everyone she meets. Miss Lisa is an amazing woman who helps any and everyone she can. For over thirty years she has helped take in kids off the streets that had no where else to go. She has done this even with taking care of her disabled American veteran husband and being the primary care giver to her daughter, who she homeschooled until college. Even now with her being in the condition she is in, she still is helping people especially kids as much as she can. Her and her family have used all of thire savings to get her to and from her last two appointments at the mayo clinic. They cannot afford to take her back again, and now her insurance won’t pay for her treatment there. Please help her and her family to get her the treatment she needs to save her life, so she can keep helping people who need her especially the kids that without her would have no where to go.