Proof That We Approaching the End Times

Discovered a Youtube Channel called “Jason A” . One of his videos, Watch This and Know We Are in the Last Days, showed up as a suggested video. It it had 2 point something million views, so I wanted to see what it was about.

All “Jason A” did in this video was edit recent news clip together. Any of these stories would be disturbing enough to Christians, but when put together one realizes that these are not isolated incidents. After seeing the video, most Christians will conclude God will not let this stuff go on much longer, therefore this is proof that we are approaching the end times.

Of course some Christians have been predicting the end for a long time, only to have the dates they set come and go. Whatever evil may have been going on at the time, they couldn’t imagine it getting much worse and God letting it continue. This time, however, the genetic code is being manipulated, there is wide spread out in the open rebellion against God and the bible, and the technology is in place for the mark of the beast.


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