Propur Water Filter Pitcher with ProOne G2.0




All-In-One Water & Fluoride Filter Element.


Here’s the deal: You know the importance of drinking clean water. You bought a Propur system for your home and filter the fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, chloramines, and all the other junk out of your water. But then you go to work for 8 -10 hours a day and drink unfiltered water!


The Propur Water Filter Pitcher is the affordable way to drink clean and healthy water at work or wherever. No need fill up bottles at home and carry with you.


ProOne G2.0 filter. This all-in-one filter removes, or reduces pathogenic bacteria, fluoride, glyphosate, pesticides, herbicides, chloramines (ammonia with chlorine), hydrofluorosilicic acid (a form of fluoride not covered by other brands), sodium hexa fluorosilicate more. This filter does it all, no need to purchase additional fluoride filters. So whether you have municipal water with the added toxins, or well water with the pesticides and herbicides, this filter will have you covered.


Ideal for use with just about any water source including tap, lake, stream, river, pond and rain water. Much better than those cheapo brands found in the store.
Propur™ Water Filter Pitcher Benefits
» Remarkably Clean and Healthy Water – Removes
more contaminants than other brands while
retaining beneficial minerals
» Save $$’s per year vs. bottled water
» Better for the Environment – No plastic bottles to
collect in landfills


Propur™ Water Pitcher Specifications
» BPA free
» 3.5 Liter Overall capacity
» 1.75 Liter Filtered water capacity
» Ideal for Refrigerator Storage
» Easy Fill Flip Open Lid
» Simple Set Up and Use
» No Unsightly Filter Hanging In Water Storage Area
» Includes 1 filter element



The Propur Water Pitcher is not intended for large capacities. For larger water needs, go with the Propur Systems.


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