Go Therefore Conference in Lima, Ohio

Mike Spaulding from Soaring Eagle Radio and Calvary Chapel in Lima, Ohio hosted the Go Therefore Conference August 4th-6th. Pastor Mike has appeared twice on the Prophecy Brothers. Auntie Oligarchy, Brother Champion, and myself traveled to Lima to meet Pastor Mike, and to see Russ Dizdar, Coach Dave, Michael Boldea, and Thomas Dunn in person. The internet, YouTube, and Skype make it much easier to learn and connect with people, but it doesn’t compare to being in the same room. We got to see the speakers face to face, and speak with them through the weekend.

We’re in the Midwest, and it seems like most conferences are at a distance for us, making it cost and time prohibitive. We were glad that the conference was local for us (3.5 hours away). Mike Spaulding plans to host another conference in 2018. If you can attend, make sure to be there.

Luckily, the event was recorded and now on Youtube. So if you didn’t make it, or would just like to see it again, here are the recordings.