G. Edward Griffin Tells Us Everything

“G. Edward Griffin Tells Us Everything” started off as a joke/working title before we even before we recorded the conversation. When Auntie and I were discussing what to ask Mr. Griffin, we both agreed we could probably talk about anything and he would have some knowledge on the subject. He has a lifetime of research behind him on multiple topics, but is probably best known for his book “The Creature From Jekyll Island – A Second Look at The Federal Reserve.” This is where we start the show and then eventually transition to discuss the Red Pill Expo and University.

On our original scheduled recording date, Mr. Griffin “no-showed” us. It has happened to us before, with much lesser known guests. (Christian alternative media viewers would know their names) I assumed we had been stood up and ignored, as a couple of others had done, because we are a small show. As I did with the others, I reached out to Mr. Griffin, and his secretary. Mr. Griffin had been ill and forgot to put it in his calendar. Both Mr. Griffin and his secretary apologized and asked to reschedule. I was impressed. He was just as nice and down to earth off camera as he was on camera.

Enjoy the show.