For Our TV Viewers

(For YouTube subscribers and viewers, and show guests: The Prophecy Brothers show started on TV in the South Bend, Indiana area. OK, public access TV, but still TV. The show aired 3-4 times per week depending on the availability of other access shows.)

For our TV viewers:¬†We decided to take the show off the public access channel at this time. We were not cancelled. Unless a public access show violates community standards, I don’t think it can be cancelled.

We hoped by being on the access channel that we spread information and ideas to an audience that may have not been exposed to the information otherwise.

We would like to thank everyone that worked on the show at the Michiana Access channel.

We may submit some shows for TV in the near future. We continue to be on YouTube, and currently have two shows in the can and ready to be edited, and another show to be filmed this week.