Eaters of Children – Johnny Cirucci’s Latest Book

Hollywood sex abuse scandals are big news now: Victim Corey Feldman, accused Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and more. Earlier in the year there were sex abuse allegations in politics with Pizzagate, John Podesta, spirit cooking and more. (Something I have noticed is that the “alternative” media is only focused on abuses committed by, or alleged to, the Democrats or the left.)

What is more disturbing is that these abuses have been committed on children, and they seem to be systematic as opposed to individual incidents. But what if the system was bigger than Hollywood or left leaning groups?

Johnny Cirucci joins us to discuss his research and latest book, Eaters of Children: The Pedocracy Exposed. We also cover a variety of other topics.

You may not agree with Johnny on everything. But keep an open mind, question, and research. Johnny has cited his sources in the book, so a good way to start researching is by purchasing this book. It is available in hard copy or Kindle on Amazon.

It’s not an easy subject matter for sure, but an important one.