Are Catholics Christian?

The question “Are Catholics Christian?” is very controversial for any Roman Catholic, practicing or non practicing. I remember being asked that by a friend when I was a Catholic, and I thought that was the dumbest question I ever heard.  I said something like “of course we’re Christians. Haven’t you noticed the cross on all the churches? And Catholics gave us the bible.”

To be honest, I still struggle with this issue because I am not far enough away from it and also have family and friends that are Catholic. They all believe Jesus is the son of God that died for our sins. The problem is that they are taught that they cannot have a personal relationship with Jesus. They are taught they have to go through the Roman Church. They are also taught to pray to Mary and/or the saints because Jesus will listen to them more readily than us. Praying to Mary and the saints did not make sense as I got older, so I stopped doing it even when I considered myself Catholic.

As I read church history and the Bible, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Roman Catholic Church is not Christian so there was no point in being associated with it any longer. Recently, I had a discussion with Richard Bennett. Richard was a Roman Catholic priest for 22 years before he realized the false teachings of Rome.  Here’s the video:



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