An Atheist’s Worst Nightmare: Kent Hovind

Kent Hovind: An Atheist’s Worst Nightmare was just released in two parts on Youtube. It was produced by

If you’re not familiar with Kent Hovind and his case, he teaches the bible is literally true, including the account of creation, and that the evolution theory taught in schools is a false religion. He was convicted of structuring and went to prison for 9 years. Check out our prior interviews with Dr Hovind for more information: Interview about his case here, and about the end times here.

When you search the internet about Hovind’s case, you will find articles referring to him as a tax protester. While true tax protesting and even speaking out against the federal income tax system (look up Irwin Schiff) will land you in jail, Dr. Hovind wasn’t convicted on that.  Dr. Hovind maintains that the structuring laws were used against him because of his religious beliefs.  There are many other people that teach evolution is false, yet they haven’t gone to jail for their beliefs.  I think what you’ll find out is that Kent Hovind is a threat because he can show the real reason why the evolution theory is taught, and how it is linked to racism, socialism, dictatorship, and genocide.


Here is Part 1 & 2 of An Atheist’s Worst Nightmare



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