Ready, Fire, Aim!

Let’s have a TV show, and we’ll figure it out along the way.

Well, there’s a little more to the story than that, but not much more. Before Wayne’s World, the internet, and YouTube, the Prophecy Brothers had another public access television show. Ironically, we were the first non-religious/non-christian access show in the area, and we bragged about that fact. Champion was in his late teens and I was in my early twenties, which may have been a surprise to many people because at times we acted like we were 13 years old.

Responsibilities, jobs, and family took priority, and making TV shows and videos became our past. During this time, Brother Champion was the first to become “awake” to conspiracy, and born again. With the candidacy of Ron Paul for president in 2012, we got in the “ready, aim, fire” mode  again and became Republican delegates. Auntie Oligarchy, and a cast member from the first show joined as well.  After seeing the way the Republican party played dirty tricks on Ron Paul, Auntie Oligarchy and I became active in the Libertarian Party.



During our time in the Libertarian Party, Ron, the local chairman, considered producing a public access show as a way for outreach and education of liberty principles. I told him “I know how to do that” and the Liberty Show was born: First on public access and then later on YouTube. Auntie Oligarchy (Emily) joined, and the Liberty Show was on the air. Eventually Ron couldn’t fit the show into his schedule, so Auntie and I started to have guests on via Skype.

Brother Champion during this time focused on spreading the Gospel through his church. Two different pastors approached him at different times and told him that he would have a TV show.  “Ready, aim, fire” and the Prophecy Brothers are on public access television.  So we had two shows on public access at the same time, running a total of 8 times a week.  After awhile, trying to produce and edit two shows was too much for me and I decided to stop the Liberty Show because I felt we couldn’t discuss Christian issues on the show. However, on the Prophecy Brothers, we could discuss Christian and liberty issues.  One thing I forgot was that Auntie Oligarchy still wanted to participate on shows, and can’t be a Prophecy Brother.  So what do we call her on the show? We haven’t figured that out yet.

Why the sunglasses? Short answer: Done that since the first show.

Why the suit and tie? Here was the look Brother Champion originally wanted:



We decided that we wouldn’t get any guests with that look. Some have questioned the sun glasses.

What’s up with the Prophecy Brothers’ intro? It was designed for Public Access TV. We wanted that look and feel. We also hoped it would get people to stop and look when flipping through channels.

Why discuss liberty, government, and conspiracy issues on a Christian show? The short answer: I see many Christians put too much faith in government. They want to legislate morality, so some Christians are more than willing to give the government more power to control our lives, lock up our citizens, and kill innocent people around the world if they think it is advancing their cause. Many don’t understand that government is force and coercion, even the US government, and it doesn’t matter what party controls the White House.  And now, in my opinion, many Christians attitude towards the current president is borderline worship. (See 1 Samuel 8:10-20, and 1 Samuel 12:12, and then Revelation 19:19.) So we hope to cast some doubt in the faith people have for government, and on the flip side bring the Gospel to those that are interested in liberty issues.

So with the help of excellent guests, The Prophecy Brothers! discuss current events, politics, and conspiracy through the lens of bible prophecy.

So please subscribe to our Youtube Channel, watch our past episodes, and be on the look out for the next show.

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